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YouTube Course in Kolkata

Your search for the best YouTube video marketing course in Kolkata ends here!

Note: Mr. Rintu Biswas, a YouTube tutor in Kolkata will teach you YouTube SEO step-by-step.

[Very EASY to understand]

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There are so many people (like you) want to make a successful career in YouTube video marketing.

Why not?

We all know that YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the planet.

(Even more popular than Facebook)

But, you might not know that YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine after Google.

People do search for informational, educational, entertaining videos on YouTube consistently.

YouTube Video Marketing Benefits:

There are several benefits of YouTube video marketing.

  • YouTube is 2nd biggest search engine
  • Quality video appeals to mobile users
  • YouTube videos rank in Google (Need to do proper research)
  • Videos can engage laziest buyers (who don’t want to read articles)
  • Video encourages social shares
  • YouTube video has the power of going viral
  • Good scope to earn money from YouTube ads
  • You can increase your brand visibility
  • Popularize your product to potential customers
  • Solving customers’ problems
  • Increase your site’s traffic, leads and customers
  • It’s 100% free Bingo! 🙂
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Why Should I take YouTube Marketing Training Course in Kolkata?

It’s a valid question…

YouTube is a crowded platform.

According to YouTube Creators:

Over 400 hours of video content uploaded in every 1 minute on YouTube.

400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

This is crazy!

YouTube is becoming SUPER competitive…

So, it’s clear that you need specialized skills, a proper plan and strategy to deliver the best results on YouTube consistently.


Contact Mr. Rintu Biswas to know more about YouTube SEO course in Kolkata.

He has been working as an SEO professional in Kolkata since 2011.

Case in point:

I even ranked one of my YouTube video in Google’s top 3 position…

YouTube Video Ranking in Google

I will reveal how I have done this [and how you can do the same thing] in my YouTube course in Kolkata.

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Career Scope As a Professional YouTube Marketer:

Before I write something about it, please watch the below video [till the end] by Mr. Him eesh Madaan

I will be waiting for you 🙂

YouTube marketing is a part of digital marketing. Needless to say, digital marketing is the future of marketing.

digital marketing popularity

All most all business owners know that video marketing on YouTube is super important today. 

Thanks to the smartphones…


Small and big business owners use to hire video marketing professionals to promote their products and services online.

If you are an individual and wants to work as a YouTube video marketer, then you should learn the YouTube marketing fundamentals to get the desired and consistent results.

You can also make money from YouTube ads.

Without basic knowledge about YouTube marketing, it will be almost impossible to be a successful YouTuber.

Now the question is:

Where to Learn YouTube Video Marketing in Kolkata?

The short answer is:

Digital SEO Land, run by Mr. Rintu Biswas.

He has created step-by-step YouTube marketing course material (very easy to understand) that will help to grow your YouTube channel…

And… hopefully, your YouTube video Marketing career as well.

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YouTube Video Marketing Course Details:

YouTube Course Details Kolkata

  • What is Video Marketing?
  • Importance of YouTube Marketing
  • Create a YouTube Channel
  • Position Your Channel
  • What Is a Channel Name?
  • Why Is Your Channel Name Important?
  • What Is a Channel Icon?
  • Why Is Your Channel Icon Important?
  • Channel Icon Best Practices
  • What is Channel Art?
  • Why is Channel Art Important?
  • Channel Art Best Practices
  • What Is a Channel Description?
  • Why Is Your Channel Description Important?
  • Channel Description Best Practices
  • What Is a Channel Trailer?
  • Why Is a Channel Trailer Important?
  • Channel Trailer Best Practices
  • Create Videos for YouTube
  • Why Is Planning and Outlining Important?
  • Planning and Outlining Best Practices
  • Shooting YouTube Videos
  • YouTube Video Editing
  • What Are YouTube Cards?
  • Youtube Cards Best Practices
  • What Is an End Screen?
  • Why Is Your End Screen Important?
  • End Screen Best Practices
  • Why Is Subtitles/CC Important?
  • What Is a Thumbnail?
  • Why Are Thumbnails Important?
  • YouTube Thumbnail Best Practices
  • Optimize Your YouTube Videos
  • What Is Video Keyword Research?
  • Why Is Keyword Research Important for a YouTube Channel?
  • How to Find Keywords for YouTube Videos
  • YouTube Video Title
  • Why Is Video Title Important?
  • Video Title Best Practices
  • Optimize Your Title for CTR
  • What Is a Video Description?
  • Why Is Your Description Important?
  • Video Description Best Practices
  • What Are Video Tags?
  • Why are Tags Important?
  • Video Tags Best Practices
  • What are the Audience Engagement Signals?
  • How to Get More Audience Engagement Signals
  • What Is Audience Retention?
  • Why Is Audience Retention Important?
  • Audience Retention Best Practices
  • What Is Watch Time?
  • Why Is Watch Time Important?
  • Watch Time Best Practices
  • What Are YouTube Channel Keywords?
  • Why is Channel Keywords Important?
  • Channel Keywords Best Practices
  • Grow Your Channel
  • What are Channel Subscribers?
  • Why is Channel Subscribers Important?
  • Channel Subscribers Best Practices
  • Video Views Best Practices
  • Optimize for Suggested Video
  • Video Promotion Best Practices
  • What are Playlists?
  • Why are Playlists Important?
  • Playlists Best Practices
  • Rank Videos in Google
  • YouTube Studio (NEW)
  • YouTube Studio Best Practices to Get More Views
  • What Is a Branding Watermark?
  • Branding Watermark Best Practices
  • Monetize With YouTube Ads
  • Monetization Rules
  • How to get 4000 Hours Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers
  • How to set up your YouTube channel to earn money

Who Should Join My YouTube Video Marketing Course in Kolkata?

Students who want to make a career in YouTube
Individuals who want to work from home as a YouTube Marketers
Business owners and Entrepreneurs who want to grow their customer reach

Skills Required for YouTube Marketing Course in Kolkata for Beginners:

Basic English writing and communication skill
Basic computer operating skill
Basic internet browsing skill

If you are serious about YouTube marketing, our YouTube video SEO course in Kolkata is for you.

Our YouTube marketing course fee is affordable for all.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us for more details today:

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