Blogging Course in Bangalore: Link Building Classes (2022)

Best Blogging Course in Bangalore (Rank Your Blog on Google)

Blogging Course in Bangalore

Very good news for you!

Your search for the best blogging course in Bangalore (online) ends here!

best blogging course in Bangalore

(Blogging classes will be in Hindi)

Note: I provide online blogging classes in Bangalore.

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You already know that blogging is a GREAT career choice…

…that’s why you are on this page.


  • If you are in love with blogging…
  • Want to dominate the blogging industry…
  • Want to earn handsome money from your blog…
  • …And, struggling to rank your articles on Google…

Then I have good news for you:

My WordPress SEO blogging course in Bengaluru will teach you how to become a successful blogger in 2022 and beyond.


Note: I will teach you some underrated blogging techniques that might surprise you.

(I will reveal these techniques in my blogging classes in Bangalore)

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Here is the real story:

No matter how much talented or passionate content writer you are…

…if your blog posts aren’t ranking well on Google (no traffic), then your entire blog will 1000% fail.

Do you have a minute?

If so:

Think about for a second…

If your blog doesn’t have any traffic, then what is the point of writing blog posts?

Keep in mind:

No Traffic = No Readers

Higher Ranking on Googl= More Traffic = More Readers

As simple as that.

In short:

Along with blog posts writing, you have to know the SEO techniques to get targeted traffic to your blog.

Pro Tips: I provide SEO course in Kolkata (Best training course for SEO beginners).

Why is this important?

Well because the entire world is searching for information on Google.

If your blog isn’t ranking well on Google, then you should STOP content writing immediately.


Are you really scared?

Just chill man…I’m joking 🙂

I will teach you the white hat SEO techniques in my blogging training in Bangalore.

(To rank on Googlconsistently)

If you think that:

You are only creating GREAT articles…


Fails to get any traffic to your blog…

Consider yourself lucky:

Because my blogging training course in Bengaluru will teach you:

  • How to write a blog content that will make your readers happy. 🙂

My blog SEO course in Bangalore will also teach you:

  • How to promote your blog posts to build high-quality backlinks…

(Most bloggers struggle on this).

Sadly, still most people think that:

“If we publish GREAT content consistently, our blog posts will rank on Google’s first page”.

This is the BIGGEST myth in the blogging world…

(Yes, you read it right)

Do you want to know the real truth?

If so, here it is:

Google’s first-page ranking has NOTHING to do with “publishing blog articles regularly”.

(Yes, really)


Your ability to ranking well on Googldepends on 3 factors:

Factor #1: Creating awesome content that deserves to be rank #1 on Google.

Factor #2: Promoting your content to build white hat backlinks.

Factor #3: Satisfying user intent (give what Google searches really want)

Seriously, that’s it.

Now, the obvious question is:

How to create awesome content that deserves to rank well on Google?


That’s what my blogging training in Bangalore is all about.

Note: I provide an online WordPress blogging course in Bangalore.

[Step-By-Step Training]

Mobile: 8013023976 and 7980883582

Why Should I Learn Blogging From an Expert?

It’s a nice question…


Today, blogging is an absolutely challenging field…

(No doubt about it)

Today, you need to do something crazy with your blog to stand out from the crowd.

The surprising fact is:

According to Posting Activity data from

There are millions of blog articles published every single day in WordPress alone.

Posting Activity WordPress

Oh God!

Hence, ranking your blog posts on Google’s first page will NOT be easy anymore.

That’s why so many passionate bloggers leave blogging…

This is really bad news…  😮

But wait my friend:

I have absolute good news for you…

If you seriously follow my step-by-step blogging strategies from my WordPress blogging course in Bangalore, you can outrank your competitors on Google.


Remember: It’s only possible if you work hard and follow the proper strategy.

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Blogging Course in Bangalore Syllabus (2022):

Blogging Course in Bangalore Syllabus

  • What is Blogging?
  • How Blogging Can Increase Your Blog’s Trust
  • What is SEO?
  • What is On-Page SEO
  • What is Off-Page SEO
  • How GooglSearch Engine System Works
  • Finding Real Topics for Your Blog Posts
  • Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Blog articles
  • Creating 10x Better Blog Post Than Your Competitors (HUGE IMPORTANT)
  • Create Amazing Content to Make Your Competitors feel “nervous” all the time
  • Optimize Each Blog Post for Google
  • Optimize Your Each Blog Post for Readers (Human)
  • Increase organic CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Writing an AWESOME introduction (APP Formula)
  • Know the Blog engagement signal (comments)
  • Title Optimization for CTR (A GooglRanking Signal)
  • Optimize Your Each Description Tag for CTR
  • Optimize URL for CTR
  • What Are Some GREAT Plugins in WordPress?
  • Optimizing (Green) Yoast SEO
  • Reduce the Bounce Rate and Boost Dwell Time
  • What is GooglRankBrain and How it Really Works [SUPER IMPORTANT]
  • Link Building [Low Quality and High Quality]
  • How to Build Backlinks [100 % Quality] to Your AMAZING Content?
  • Tips to Make Relationships with Popular Bloggers
  • Email Templates for Blogger Outreach Campaign
  • Steps to Rank Your Blog Post in Google
  • GooglAlgorithms [Respect Google, otherwise they will destroy your blog in SERP]
  • SEO Tools Name and Their Features
  • Overlooked Bonus Techniques for Your Blog [Might Surprise You]
  • How to Approve GooglAdsense Account
  • Why Content is Critical to GooglAdSense Ad Targeting
  • What to Do if Your Adsense Rejected?
  • Lastly Recap: Optimizing your website to improve User signals!
  • …And More 🙂

My Old Blog Posts Rankings (On Google)






Keep in mind:

Setting up a beautiful WordPress blog is just the first step in blogging.

You need lots and lots of traffic to make your blog highly successful.

And, the best traffic source is Google.

  • Knowing content writing is GREAT.
  • Knowing content marketing is GREAT.
  • Knowing how to rank on Google is also GREAT.


When you know and apply all of these things together for your blog?

Your blog will be unstoppable…

Bingo! 🙂

(Mark my word)

My professional blogging training course in Bangalore will teach you all these factors.


What are you waiting for?

Join my blogging training classes in Bangalore and become a successful blogger.

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