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“Online” Blogging Course in Delhi (Rank Your Blog on Google)

Blogging Course in Delhi

Your search for the best blogging course in Delhi ends here!

(Online classes and classes will be in Hindi)

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Learn online blogging in Delhi (New Delhi).

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You already know the importance of blogging that’s why you are on this page.

  • If you are a passionate blogger…
  • Want to grow your blogging career…
  • Want to earn money from your blog…
  • And, struggling to rank your blog content in Google

Then there is good news:

My WordPress blogging course in Delhi will show you how to become a successful blogger in 2022.

(Fast!) 🙂

Note: Underrated blogging tips might surprise you. I will reveal it in my blogging classes.

The real story is this:

No matter how much excellent content writer you are, if your blog posts aren’t getting any traffic, then your blog will 1000% fail.

Think about it for a minute…

If no one is reading your blog articles (no traffic), then what is the point of writing blog content?

No Traffic = No Reader

Higher Ranking in Googl= More Traffic = More Readers

As simple as that.

If your blog isn’t ranking in Google, then you should STOP blogging immediately.


Are you really scared?

Just chill my friend…I’m joking 🙂

If you think, you are consistently creating GREAT articles but fail to get any traffic to your blog, consider yourself lucky.

Because my blogging training course in Delhi will teach you how to write a blog post that will make your readers happy.

Wait there is more…

My Blog SEO course in Delhi will also teach you how to promote your blog articles to build high-quality backlinks (this is a must for Google rankings).

Sadly, still, most people think that:

“If we publish GREAT content regularly, our blog posts will rank in Google”.

This is the BIGGEST myth in the blogging world…

Here’s the real truth:

Google ranking has NOTHING to do with “publishing blog content regularly”.

(Yes, really)

Instead, your ability to rank in Google’s first page depends on 3 factors:

Factor #1: Creating outstanding content that deserves to be rank at #1.
Factor #2: Promoting outstanding content to build high-quality backlinks.
Factor #3: Satisfy user intent (give what Google searchers really want)

Seriously, that’s it.

Now, the big question is:

How to create outstanding content that deserves to rank on Google’s first page?

That’s what my blogging training in Delhi is all about.

Link Building India Calling

Blogging training in Delhi (New Delhi).

(Very EASY to understand)


Mobile: 8013023976 and 7980883582

Why Should You Learn Blogging in 2022?

It’s a good question…


Today, blogging is an extremely challenging field…

You need to do something crazy with your blog to stand out.

The shocking fact is:

According to Posting Activity data from, there are millions of blog articles published every day in WordPress alone.

Posting Activity

This is shocking!

Hence, ranking a blog post on Google’s first page isn’t easy at all.

This is really bad news…

But wait:

I have good news for you:

If you seriously follow my PROVEN step-by-step blogging checklist from my WordPress blogging classes in Delhi (New Delhi), you can outrank your competitors in Google.


Remember: It’s only possible if you work hard and be consistent with your blogging.

Blogging Training Course in Delhi Syllabus: (2022)

Note: After completing blogging classes, you will get the course checklist in an Excel format.

Blogging training Delhi syllabus

  • What is SEO?
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • How Google Search Engine Works
  • What is Blogging and How Blogging Can Increase Your Blog’s Trust
  • Finding Topic for Your Blog Post
  • Choose Right Keywords for Your Blog
  • Create 10x Better Blog Post Than Your Competitors
  • Create Amazing Content to Make Your Competitors feel “nervous”
  • Optimize A Blog Post for Google
  • Optimize Blog Post for Readers (Human)
  • Increase organic CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • AWESOME introduction (APP Technique)
  • Blog engagement signal (comments)
  • Title Optimization for CTR
  • Optimize Your Description Tag for CTR
  • Optimize URL for CTR
  • What is a Plugin in WordPress?
  • Optimize (Green) Yoast SEO
  • Reduce Bounce Rate and Boost Dwell Time?
  • What is Google RankBrain and How it Works (SUPER IMPORTANT)
  • Steps to Rank Your Blog Post in Google

Step-By-Step Link Building Roadmap
(Most bloggers struggle with Backlinks)

Blogging class delhi

  • Link Building (Low Quality and High Quality)
  • How to Build Backlinks (100 % Quality) to Your AMAZING Content?
  • Tips to Make Relationships with Popular Bloggers
  • Email Templates for Blogger Outreach Campaign
  • Content Marketing for “backlinks” [100% MUST]
  • Introduction to Low-quality backlinks (With examples)
  • Introduction to High-quality backlinks (With examples)
  • Steal the Competitor’s Quality Backlinks (Real life example)
  • Email Templates for Blogger Outreach
  • The Content Roadshow (Out of the box process)
  • Weekly/Monthly Roundups (Real-life examples)
  • Broken Link Building (The 404 Error)
  • Blogroll Outreach Campaign (Can help in ranking)
  • Resource Page Link Building (POWERFUL backlinks + Real life example)
  • Google News Blogger Outreach (This is HUGE + Real life example)
  • Make Relationship With Industry Bloggers (Real-life examples)
  • Participating in Quora for Traffic Growth
  • Guest Posting (Only on quality & similar blogs)
  • Local SEO Guest Posts search query
  • Expert Roundup (A POWERFUL technique)
  • Get listed on OLD ‘Expert Round up’ posts (My Real-life example)
  • Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic Sources (Bonus Method)
  • Link Velocity: (You HAVE to master on this technique)

Other Blogging Techniques (Very Crucial)

Blogging teacher Delhi

  • Google Algorithms (Respect Google, otherwise they will destroy your blog)
  • Google Analytics “Basics” to See Traffic Growth and Drop
  • Google Search Console “Basic knowledge”
  • Disavow links
  • Overlooked Techniques for Your Blog (Might Surprise You)
  • Identify The Under-Performing Content On Your Blog
  • Audit your blog’s health for SEO (finding issues)
  • Important SEO Tools Name and Their Features
  • Lastly Recap: Optimize your blog to improve User signals!
  • How to Approve Google Adsense Account
  • What to do if Your Adsense Rejected?
  • Google Adsense Application Form
  • How to add Adsense code in a blog post
  • Make Money From Blogging
  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to Find Affiliate Programs?
  • And More 🙂

My Old Blog Posts Rankings (In Google)

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Setting up a WordPress blog is just the first step in blogging.

You need HUGE traffic to make your blog successful.

And, no traffic is better than organic traffic from Google.

Creating outstanding content is GREAT.
Building high-quality backlink is GREAT.

But when you can do BOTH for your blog?

Your blog will ROCK in Google’s first page…Bingo! 🙂

My professional blogging training course in Delhi will teach you both…


What are you waiting for?

Join my blogging training classes in Delhi and become a successful blogger in 2022.

[Learn blogging STEP-BY-STEP]

Link Building India Calling

Blog SEO course in Delhi (New Delhi).

(Very EASY to understand)


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