Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata (Online + Offline Training Classes)

Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

Your search for the digital marketing training course in Kolkata ends here!

(Online + Offline classes)

My digital marketing course fee in Kolkata is absolutely affordable…

I guarantee you 🙂


Digital marketing is a HUGE field.

There are so many topics included in this marketing category.

Topics like:

SEO, Blogging, YouTube, Social Media, Google AdWords, Mobile Marketing etc.

But, I provide the following 3 courses only…

(1) Search Engine Optimization
(2) Blogging and Content Marketing
(3) YouTube Marketing

I ONLY provide SEO, Blogging and YouTube Training…

[100% Quality]

Mobile: 8013023976 and 7980883582

However, I would like to mention that:

In my SEO training classes, I teach my students the following topics (FREE of cost)…

(1) Google AdWords Basic (FREE)

(2) Social Media Profile Optimization (FREE)

Is this not a GREAT deal?

I believe it is 🙂

Why Should You Join Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

An interesting question…

In a simple word:

Digital Marketing is the present and future of marketing.

It is here to stay…

Business owners, companies, big brands etc. know that digital marketing is a cost-effective marketing channel.

Way better than traditional marketing channels like:

Newspaper ads (only one-day validity), banner ads, leaflets distribution etc.

Also, digital marketing can give you super strong ROI from your campaign.

Just look at the comparison statistics between digital marketing and traditional marketing in Google trends:

traditional marketing vs digital marketing

As you can see, digital marketing’s popularity (Red graph) is growing day-by-day.

On the other hand:

Traditional marketing is nowhere to be found in the graph (Blue graph).

Most importantly:

Digital marketing companies are present in every city of India.


digital marketing company

Google is showing us that digital marketing companies are available almost everywhere.

Also, there are thousands of job opportunities in Kolkata…

digital marketing jobs in kolkata

This is a HUGE opportunity for you to learn and work in a digital marketing company.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus (Click on the Links Below)

SEO Course in Kolkata Syllabus [2019]

Blogging Course in Kolkata Syllabus [2019]

YouTube Marketing Course in Kolkata Syllabus [2019]


What are you waiting for?

I ONLY provide SEO, Blogging and YouTube Training…

[100% Quality]

Mobile: 8013023976 and 7980883582

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