Best YouTube Video Marketing Course in Kolkata

Your search for the best YouTube video marketing course in Kolkata for 2022 ends here!

This is NOT a training institute. Instead, I’m a personal YouTube trainer.
There are so many people (like you) who want to make a successful career in YouTube video marketing.
Why not?
(Even more popular than Facebook)
But, you might not know that YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine after Google.
People do search for informational, educational, entertaining videos on YouTube consistently.

Want to rank your website on Google’s first page?

YouTube Video Marketing Benefits:

There are several benefits of YouTube video marketing.

Why Should I take YouTube Marketing Training Course in Kolkata?

It’s a valid question…
YouTube is a crowded platform.
According to YouTube Creators:
Over 400 hours of video content uploaded in every 1 minute on YouTube.
This is crazy!
YouTube is becoming SUPER competitive…
So, it’s clear that you need specialized skills, a proper plan and a strategy to deliver the best results on YouTube consistently.
Contact Mr. Rintu Biswas to know more about the YouTube SEO course in Kolkata, West Bengal.
I (Rintu Biswas) have been working as an SEO expert in Kolkata since 2011.
Case in point:
I even ranked one of my YouTube videos in Google’s top 3 positions…

Career Scope As a Professional YouTube Marketer:

Before I write something about it, please watch the below video [till the end] by Mr. Himeesh Madaan
I will be waiting for you
YouTube marketing is a part of digital marketing. Needless to say, digital marketing is the future of marketing.
All most all business owners know that video marketing on YouTube is super important today.
Thanks to smartphones…
Small and big business owners use to hire video marketing professionals to promote their products and services online.
If you are an individual and want to work as a YouTube video marketer, then you should learn the YouTube marketing fundamentals to get the desired and consistent results.
You can also make money from YouTube ads.
Without basic knowledge about YouTube marketing, it will be almost impossible to be a successful YouTuber.

Where to Learn YouTube Video Marketing in Kolkata?

The short answer is:
Digital SEO Land, run by Mr. Rintu Biswas.
He has created step-by-step YouTube marketing course material (very easy to understand) that will help to grow your YouTube channel…
And… hopefully, your YouTube video Marketing career as well.

YouTube Video Marketing Course Syllabus (2022):

Note: This course isn’t about video editing. It is MORE about video marketing.
Who Should Join My YouTube Video Marketing Course in Kolkata?
Students who want to make a career in YouTube
Individuals who want to work from home as a YouTube Marketers
Business owners and Entrepreneurs who want to grow their customer reach
Skills Required for YouTube Marketing Course for Beginners:
Basic English writing and communication skill
Basic computer operating skill
Basic internet browsing skill
Bingo! 🙂

Frequently Ask Question

Google officially confirmed that backlink (quality) is one of the top-ranking signals. Backlinks work like a positive vote for a website.

Google believes if a website has lots of high-quality backlinks, that must be a trustworthy and authoritative website. Thus it should rank higher than others.

Note: Google also looks at other SEO signals as well like on-page SEO.


Backlinks still play a crucial role (and will) in ranking any webpage higher in Google. As we mentioned earlier, Google officially confirmed that backlinks are one of their top ranking signals.


It’s not always possible to get do-follow backlinks only. Also, getting 100% do-follow backlinks is unrealistic.

Hence, we focus on making the backlink profile very natural by building a mix of do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

Of course NOT…

We only provide white-hat link-building services to our clients.

We strictly follow Google’s link-building guidelines.

Getting backlinks from highly relevant blogs and websites is natural.

For example:

If your website is about healthcare, then getting backlinks from health, fitness-related blogs are relevant and natural.

Also: You can get backlinks from food blogs as well, as food is connected with health and fitness topics.

There are NO fixed link building packages. Every niche and business is different.

First, we do an analysis of our client’s website and look for backlinks opportunities.

Based on our deep research we come up with suitable backlinks packages for our clients.


We are a link building company in India. Our goal is to grow the website’s link authority and boost backlink credibility.

Most of the agencies follow the same old link building strategies that used to work back in the early days of search engines.

Well, those methods do not work anymore. The priority of quality links and strategies associated with it has evolved from just link search engine algorithms.

In 2023 and beyond, every company who is considering search engines as their primary traffic and lead generation channel should focus on building links that matter. Avoid spammy, poor quality, PBN link building techniques at any cost.

Link Building was and will be relevant as long as search engines like Google exist. Backlinks are among the fundamental building blocks of Google’s search algorithm. Links play a huge role in identifying the quality of a domain or page. In 2023, the focus of every link builder should be to build links that are natural, coming from relevant and informative resources.

Before answering these questions, there is one important thing that we all must keep in mind.

The purpose of link building is to build trust and authority. Google bots will look into your link portfolio and give scores based on relevancy, trustworthiness and quality of the linking domain. Now, link building will only work if the website is optimised overall. A poorly structured website will never improve its organic performance even if you spend thousands of dollars in backlink.

As a leading link building service provider in India, we make sure to be transparent with our client and share our suggestions without sugar-coating the facts. Backlinks are a must to improve ranking, but it will give faster results only if you do all the things right.

Before jumping into link building, make sure to work on technical and On-Page aspects of your website.