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Best SEO Expert in Kolkata

Want higher Google rankings and more organic traffic?

You’ve come to the right place.

Do you have a business that you are trying to develop currently?

Well, let me tell you right away that Google is going to be your best friend for that.

Not only is it going to give you the best kind of website traffic for your business goals. But is also going to improve the brand equity that you develop online.

But let me tell you that it just does not happen by itself, and is going to need a lot of attention.

More on that later.

But let’s make it clear how the right SEO effort can benefit you like no other medium.

I also provide white hat SEO training in Kolkata (online + offline)

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Want to See Our Proven SEO Results?

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I have successfully ranked my course pages as well.

For example:

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You should hire an experienced SEO expert in Kolkata who has some proven SEO results.

So, Who Am I and Why Listen to Me?

Hi, I’m Rintu Biswas, an SEO consultant in Kolkata.

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Rintu Biswas founder of Digital SEO Land

I`ve been featured in:

I`ve been featured in

I’ve been building my forte in the field of Search Engine Optimization, as an SEO expert since 2011.

For these past few years of working as an SEO expert in Kolkata, I’ve built websites from scratch and have gone through the whole process of getting the best rank possible.

I started out doing that for myself and went on to achieve great SEO results for my clients.

And you can join that list as well, where I will help you achieve your goals in business.

As my clients are the biggest assets that I have, and I do my best for them.

Before I talk about all the different ways in which I can help you.

Let me tell you why SEO is hands down the best way to get to your potential customers…

How SEO Can Help to Grow Your Business and Website Traffic?

Best SEO Expert in India

Okay, now that I’ve made a bombastic claim regarding why you should focus on SEO.

I’ll have to back that up with proper evidence. So here in this section of the article, I’m going to discuss the importance of SEO.

The traffic that you get to your website from the search engines makes up half of your total website traffic.

Does that ring a bell?

This is a huge majority.

But there is a qualitative advantage of this traffic rather than just this huge quantitative one.

Think about this for a second.

If you want to find out about something, you Google it. Or if you want to buy a product, you look for it online through Google.

This is the reason a good section of the search engine traffic is highly convertible.

If you are an influencer, you can leverage your SERP ranks to excel in affiliate programs. Or if you are the e-commerce store itself, your potential buyers will find you.

All of your SEO is strong.

Need an SEO expert in Kolkata to increase your organic traffic?

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SEO Expert in Kolkata

Why Should You Hire Me?

Good question.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is hard and sometimes challenging.

That is why you need to hire a professional SEO expert, who’s going to make sure your website gets the best rank possible.

Actually, today’s SEO is all about trust.

Google loves to rank reliable, trustworthy, and useful websites.

That’s exactly what we try to do in our SEO services in Kolkata.

…And the result?

Most of our clients are satisfied with our SEO service:

Our SEO success stories: (You should check)

SEO service India client

SEO service India

But the question is why you should consider hiring me as an SEO expert in Kolkata?

Let me explain all of that here:

Trust is the Thing Google Measures

Google has mentioned this in their vision, which they did in the year 1998 when they started out.

And that is to help people like you find any information that you might want in a few clicks.

Staying true to that they have designed their algorithms, which helps you with just that. And with every day that passes, Google innovates to make this process ideally efficient.

What you will have to be is a trusted source of information and business.

That is the only way you will be able to do well on these search engines.

As an SEO specialist in Kolkata, we focus on staying up to date with Google.

Thus helping your website rankings stay on top with high-quality content in it.

An Outline of Our SEO Process

SEO is a very dynamic process.

What we do to get the best rank is going to vary from client to client. And that will entail all the attention to detail that the situation might need.

For that, we have custom service packages which will exactly cater to your needs.

Thus, with the competence that I’ve developed, here is the protocol that has consistently worked the best.

SEO expert


  •  It’s all going to start with the FREE SEO AUDIT REPORT that we’re going to put together. This is going to tell us where we are so that we can set a target.
  • Then after a meticulous study of your competitors. We are going to make sure that the on-page aspect of the SEO is totally on point.
  • We’re also going to make all the necessary technical adjustments to the website.
  • Finally, to make it all work perfectly, we’re going to build high-quality backlinks to your website. These are going to come from the most relevant sources possible.


You’ll start receiving high-quality convertible traffic from your efforts on the search engines.

So, do you want all of these for the best prices?

Your SEO Expert in Kolkata

Get in Touch With Me to Skyrocket Google Rankings!

You can contact me through a phone call, or you can send me an email if you want to.

Once, we have a discussion on your SEO case, I’m going to start working on your website.

You’ll get to see what an important role SEO is going to play for your business from thereon.

Your search for the best SEO services in Kolkata ends here!

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Mobile: 8013023976 and 7980883582

Best SEO Services in Kolkata:

Our Affordable SEO Packages 

Our SEO packages depend on a lot of factors.

For example: What’re the client’s requirements, website’s authority, keyword competition, etc.   


Each SEO campaign is different.

Hence, our SEO prices vary from campaign to campaign.

Once you email us your actual requirements, our SEO expert in Kolkata will revert back to you with our SEO packages.


What are you waiting for?

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