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Digital SEO Land is a leading SEO Services Agency in India – with key focus on following the SEO best practices by Google.

With our search engine optimization services in India, you will get an industry specific custom SEO strategy that will position your brand on the top page and sustain that top position consistently. Our SEO approach is on driving revenue from organic traffic.

Our first SEO Consultation is FREE.

Hear From Our Clients

I’ve been using Digital SEO Land for almost 2 years and have seen excellent results with many of my main keywords ranking high. Leads I receive from my website are usually converted after a trial lesson. I will continue to use this business in the future.
Thank you for all the hard you and your team provide.

Billy B. Founder –

I want to thank Digital SEO Land, they built my website and they did a great job. My website looks great. They also did it very fast.
They helped me with the SEO service. My company moved up very fast in google ranking.
Thank you Digital SEO Land I give them a 10-star ranking.

Juan G. Perez Owner – All Star Carpet and Tiles

Since putting our myChway website under the management of Digital SEO Land, we've seen a dramatic improvement in our online presence. Their expertise has led to a significant increase in organic traffic and a substantial boost in our search engine rankings. The results speak for themselves: our website visibility has skyrocketed! Digital SEO Land's team is not only highly skilled, but they also offer their services at a reasonable price point. We're thrilled with the partnership and highly recommend Digital SEO Land to any business looking to enhance their organic search presence.

Crouse Wong Marketing Specialist

What Will You Get from Our Professional SEO Services

We believe that when it comes to optimising a website for search engines , a single strategy does not fit for every business niche. Our team of SEO experts in India create custom strategies based on your industry, target market (location), audience segment, long term and short term goals.

In the below column, you will find a glimpse of our SEO service offerings, SEO checklists following best practices, monthly and quarterly deliverables. For your easy understanding, we have categorised four main pillars of SEO, which are – Technical, ON-Page, Content, and Link Building.

Best Solution Tailored for Our Clients

SEO Features Sparkle Champagne
Situation Analysis & Keyword Research Business brief and extensive keyword research based on targeted industry or niche Business brief and extensive keyword research based on targeted industry or niche
Number of Keywords Optimized 50 50
Technical SEO Audit Technical SEO performance of the site: Sitemap, page crawlability, Page speed, Core Web Vitals, Page wise meta data, SEO attribute like page header (H1), SEO Title and image attributes, metadata, competitive assessment Technical SEO performance of the site: Sitemap, page crawlability, Page speed, Core Web Vitals, Page wise meta data, SEO attribute like page header (H1), SEO Title and image attributes, metadata, competitive assessment
Identify Crawl Errors YES YES
Find Out How Google Views Your Pages YES YES
Core Web Vitals Optimization YES YES
Fix Broken Links (404 pages) YES YES
Keyword mapping to target pages (URLs) YES YES
Creating an Optimized Page Structure YES YES
Schema Implementation (JSON-LD) YES YES
Structured Data Analysis & Implementation YES YES
Google Analytics Set Up YES YES
Google Analytics Conversion Tracking YES YES
Google Search Console Set Up YES YES
Search Console Data Analysis YES YES
Google Data Studio Implementation YES YES
On-Going Weekly Keyword Rank Report YES YES
On-Going Monthly Keyword Rank Report YES YES
On-Going Quarterly Performance Report YES YES
On-Page Meta Data Optimization (Title, Headers, meta description etc.) YES YES
Image Optimization YES YES
LSI Keyword Research YES YES
External Link Research and Optimization YES YES
Content Optimization YES YES
Blog Topics Research and Content Creation YES YES
Number of SEO Optimized Blogs Per Month 8 8
Backlink Audit YES YES
External link analysis and disavow (if applicable) YES YES
Link redirect audit (Broken and Lost Links) YES YES
Build Powerful Backlinks With Guest Posting YES YES
Number of Guest Post (All Unique, well researched Content) 4 4
Link Building Outreach YES YES
Competitor Backlink Analysis YES YES
Quora Commenting for User Engagement YES YES
Number of Monthly Quora Q/A 4 4

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What Are The Four Main Components of a Successful SEO Strategy

SEO Services in India That Grow Traffic and Convert into Paying Customers

Search Engine Optimization has evolved beyond just ranking your website on the top page. SEO now focuses on how you represent your brand online in front of your target audience. It is more about building the right business strategy for your website, and representing your products or services in a way that would help your customers to make faster decisions.

By following the right approach, our SEO services in India make sure that your website speaks clearly about your offerings. Google values those who value their customers.

Transforming Search Data into Actionable SEO Strategy

Creating your brand identity is perhaps the most needful while you are trying to sell your product. Hundreds of companies, be it Apple or Walmart, Tata Motors or Amul, have earned their names by creating brand identity whose only foundation was built by trust and consumer satisfaction.

SEO consists of multiple layers of strategies, calculative actions. We leverage market and consumer insight to develop break-through SEO strategies. Our SEO Planning focuses on core applications to yield relatively higher ROI by growing your website traffic exponentially.

What Makes Our Search Engine Optimization Services Beneficial

Digital SEO Land is one of the leading SEO Service providers in India that has favorably blended extensive search data insight and SEO best practices.

SEO is the most cost effective way to place your brand in search engines like Google or Bing. Businesses around the world are considering SEO as the primary organic traffic generation channel among all other digital and online channels.

When compared to Pay-Per-Click, SEO costs much less, delivers a better ROI and most importantly, gets organic free traffic for years.

We believe SEO should be data driven. Every idea and strategy that we share with you comes with a strong proof of data. We make sure to implement the right strategies in the right places.

In 2022, businesses who are leveraging the data will survive in this rapidly advancing landscape of Search Engines.

The giant web is not only about data, it is how you leverage it

What are the mind Blowing SEO Statistics in 2022

Organic Search
92.96% of global traffic comes from Google Search, Google Images, and Google Maps
Search Count
The number of searches on Google a day is over 8.5 billion searches
15% of all Google searches have never been searched before
Search Engine
The #1 result in Google’s organic search results has an average CTR of 27.6%.
Local Search
76% of individuals who search for something nearby on their smartphones visit a business within a day
Mobile Search
By 2025, 72.6% of internet users will only use their smartphones to access the internet
66.31% of pages have no backlinks

How Our Step-By-Step SEO Analysis Works

SEO analysis includes multiple layers of analyzing the search data and converting those to actionable insight.

As a leading SEO service provider and SEO consultants in India, we understand the importance of thorough and detailed data analysis in this competitive landscape.

Our team of SEO analysts are professionals with years of experience in working with SaaS tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, SE Ranking, Screaming Frog and more.

We do not blindly rely only on the tools’ data. Instead, our analysts bridge the gap between the data we get from those tools and SEO best practices.

Following are the various web data analysis that we perform in any SEO campaign.

Keyword Research

All SEO strategies start with detailed analysis of target keywords. Keywords are the search terms your audience uses to find your service or product. If you have already done your keyword research or if you have a set of keywords in hand, we will make sure to go in details and perform an extensive keyword research that will reveal hidden keyword opportunities. Our keyword research process works in multiple marketing funnels, aiming to guide your audience throughout their purchase journey.

Technical Audit

Analysing your website's existing issues that might hold back the SEO performance is a crucial job. Technical SEO audits show us the inner structure and the errors in your website. We categorise those errors based on complexity. Prioritising quick win opportunities are important as not all errors are equal. Some errors can be fixed in a weeks timeline, whereas some errors can take months to fix.

Backlink Analysis

Most of the businesses who considered SEO in the past, have faced bad experiences when it comes to backlinks. Analysing the website’s existing backlink profile plays a major role in any successful SEO strategy. Bad links or spammy machine generated links should be disavowed from the domain as they cause more harm than good. Our backlink analysis makes sure that only healthy links remain in the domain. Backlink analysis also helps to check the progress of quality links that we would be building for your website.

Content Analysis

Content in SEO is everything. It has to be unique, informative, and helpful. In August, 2022, Google rolled out their helpful content update, which clearly states that Google will not entertain misleading content. Great content should keep both SEO and User happy. Our content analysis makes sure that your webpage content is natural and helpful. Also, detailed analysis of content helps to find out missing optimization opportunities, conversion focused keywords and more importantly, understanding how your customer interacted with your content.

Search Data Analysis

If Google is the place for your audience and SEO is the channel to get them, then Google Search Console and Google Analytics are the two tools that give detailed insights of how your website is performing in Google search. Not only these two tools show you the performance but also, they show you the gaps in your optimization. Our analysts are well versed in GSC and GA. They can represent data in an easy to understand, digestible format. Our data visualisation methods will help you to understand complex data sets in an easy way.


What do our SEO Consultation and Management Services Includes?

In 2023 and beyond, SEO is going to dominate the online brand marketing arena.
In the times of economic turbulence, shortage of funding and growing fear of recession, it is important to utilise your brand marketing budget wisely.
So, what can give a better R.O.I than organic search? Not only does it help reduce marketing expenses by bringing new organic visitors, but also, statistically, SEO helps convert more visitors into paying customers.
However, to leverage the most out of SEO, one must understand that SEO is more than just one fit it all strategy.
SEO is a practice with multiple branches, each having their own methods and best practices.
Here, we will be breaking down the most effective of all SEO strategies that has a direct impact over your organic search performance.
So before turning your website into a massive business and lead generation machine, we make sure to provide you with a complete consultation and strategy on the following branches.

Website SEO Audit or Technical SEO Audit

A website audit can make or break your SEO goals. Before implementing other SEO activities like ON-Page SEO or Link Building, our Consultants will make sure to provide a complete overview of the website SEO audit with solid actionable insights.

Technical SEO Audit typically starts from Google Search Console. Search Console helps to get detailed insights of all the suggestions that Google is already sharing with us, that can help to improve the performance of the website.

Alongside audits in Google Search Console, we use some of the best in class search marketing tools to find out existing ON-Page and technical issues.

We do not only rely on tools. As we come with more than 18 years of combined experience in Google search, we manually check every single detail of the website. Once we are completely satisfied with our findings, we come up with solutions that can have a direct and faster impact on the organic ranking.

Prioritising audit findings is an important task. Once the audit is complete we prioritise on the issues which require our attention and then perform tasks based on that.

Keyword Research and ON-Page SEO

Keyword research, as the name suggests, is a method to find relevant search queries your users may be searching on Google. Finding the right keyword is the key to SEO success.

As a leading provider of SEO Services in India, we understand that the key to grow organic traffic is to find keywords which will not only bring traffic from search, but also have the potential to convert into paying customers.

Our keyword research process starts from understanding your business approach, niche, addressable market and location. Our team of SEO Consultants will conduct multiple meetings to get a detailed idea of your business model.