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Hi, I’m Rintu Biswas (providing SEO coaching in Kolkata).

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This is NOT an SEO training institute. Instead, I’m a personal SEO trainer in Kolkata.

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I will guide you for the SEO job interview. I have taken over 50 SEO interviews so far.

Note: After the SEO course completion,  if you face any problem to understand SEO related points, please call me.  I will guide you.

(I guide all my SEO students even after the SEO course completion)

What’s the Scope of SEO as a Career?

A valuable question…

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As an SEO teacher in Kolkata, I'll be honest with you:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a HUGE scope as a career.

The importance of SEO is increasing day-by-day. There are thousands of renowned SEO experts on the planet earning handsome money. In short: SEO is a super demanding topic more than ever before. Why? Because millions of websites are launching every single day. All the website owners want the top rankings on Google. The reason is obvious: Google is the world’s biggest search engine. The truth is this:
  • Top Google rankings = more traffic
  • More targeted traffic = more sales
  • More sales = more money
Simple! (Keep in mind: My Google SEO course is specially designed for beginners)… Big Internet marketing or digital marketing companies are always looking for talented and hardworking SEO experts. If you search on Google with “SEO company in Kolkata”, you will notice that thousands of SEO companies pop up in the search result.
These SEO companies need experienced and fresher SEO experts to work on their SEO projects (websites). Also, if you search on Google with “SEO jobs in Kolkata”, you will notice BIG opportunities as well.Is this not a great thing? Of course, it is… That’s why young generations are desperately looking for the best SEO training in Kolkata (Online + Offline).

Consider yourself lucky: I have developed my WordPress SEO course syllabus considering 100% beginners and freshers in mind. So, if you are new to the SEO, just chill.

Bonus: Extra Knowledge (Google AdWords Basic Ideas)

Search engine optimization course in Kolkata (Step-By-Step)
Mobile: 8013023976 and 7980883582

Why Choose Me for SEO Training in Kolkata?

That’s a good question. As a professional SEO teacher, Mr. Rintu Biswas focuses on 100% quality. Also, my SEO course fee is absolutely affordable. Unfortunately: There is countless misleading SEO information out there on the internet. You will be confused about which information is true and which one should you ignore. Also, it might take several years to learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by yourself. Listen carefully: SEO isn’t easy… Google’s John Mueller is saying the same:
Trust me: My SEO training course in Kolkata will be a HUGE time-saver for you.

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