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To be very honest:

Quality Off-Page SEO is a challenge. It takes to do the right things to bring a website up in the Google SERP ranking. And, Google doesn’t make that easy. Be it any business, ranking in the top in SERP means that Google thinks you’re worth it. And, convincing Google is no easy task at all. Just Quality content is not enough to rank high. Now, don’t get us wrong. Quality is a prerequisite. You have to build quality content. But doing just that will not help in ranking the newly formed pages in Google top 10.

Trust us. Because we know.

We have dealt with clients from across every type of business and helped them rank their websites high.

Every content we have dealt with were quality enough to make one think that they could rank.

Building the correct Off-Page SEO strategy and applying it requires expertise that sadly, most lack..And, that’s the reason we see most service providers rendering almost barfy services.

There are many facets of Off-Page SEO that needs to be correctly applied to make things a success.

There are techniques, tools to help. But, you got to know what you’re doing.

With years of experience in handling clients across the world, we know what we are doing.

So, if you are looking for a quality Off-Page SEO Service provider in India, you’re always welcome to approach us.

Now, let’s learn about Off-Page SEO and how it works.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is anything you do outside your website to rank it high on Google.

It includes link building but is not solely that.

In general, Off-Page SEO refers to techniques that you can apply to improve your site’s rankings in major SERPs. Off-Page, as the name suggests consists of techniques applied not on the page, but beyond that, beyond website design, to make a website rank higher.

It includes promotional techniques like link building, social bookmarking and several others.

Optimizing a site for off-site ranking factors involves techniques that improve the search engine’s and user’s perception of a site’s usefulness, authority, relevance, and popularity.

In short, Google wants to know what other authorities (sites, people, pages, etc.) on the Internet are saying about you. Relevant and reputable places on the internet talking about you or pointing towards your website is considered by Google to be a major factor in determining a site’s rank and performance.

Think about it like this:

You are new on the internet and nobody knows you. After Off-page SEO, the right people start talking about you. So, Google naturally thinks that you’re good. Otherwise, why should everyone start pointing towards your website?

So, that makes Google improve your rankings so that you can be easily found.

And, there are a lot of Off-Page techniques which when strategized and applied correctly, can do wonders to a site’s ranking.

Being the leading Off-Page SEO service provider in India we are aware of those techniques and we will walk you through that shortly. But more on Off-Page SEO now.

looking for a quality Off-Page SEO Service provider in India, you’re always welcome to approach us.

Why is Off-Page SEO so Important to Rank in Google?

Search engines like Google have been trying for decades to return the best results to a user search. For doing that, Google takes into account the On-Site factors and quality Off-Page factors.
A quality website is likely to have more references (backlinks) from other reputed places on the internet. In addition, they are also more likely to have a mention in social media and bookmarked and shared more among like-minded users.
So you see Google thinks you’re worthy not only if your content is of high quality but also takes into account what others are saying about you.
And also, the more people talking about you the better. Only those people should be themselves of reputable nature and must be relevant to what you or your website is offering.
In other words, the right people pointing towards your website is good.
But, the internet is a place where everyone has a place. Your website should be talked about by people who are offering similar services or has some relevance to your content.
The wrong people talking about your site can drastically degrade a website’s rankings.
For example, you are a shoe manufacturer and some sloppy service providers linked your site to some porn site. Now, that would be bad!
Your site’s rankings would drastically fall.

Being the leading Off-Page SEO service provider in India we are aware of those techniques and we will walk you through that shortly. But more on Off-Page SEO now.

In other words, you should take care of which sites are getting linked to your website.
As the top Off-Page SEO service provider in India, we know what quality backlinks can do to a site’s rank. We also know how a lesser quality and irrelevant link can harm your website.

Why Should You Hire Us as an Off-Page Service Provider in India?

When it comes to generating quality and relevant backlinks, most services do not do good. Maybe, they lack the expertise or the simple will to work well.

Whatever the case may be, you won’t find quality Off-Page SEO services in India from all the providers.

This is where we differ. Our ultimate focus is on the quality of the work we are doing or the effort we are putting in to rank a website.

White hat link building strategy is something we specialize in. White hat Off-Page SEO is in other words, maintaining a strategy in accordance with the criteria set forth by Google to rank a website.

Several SEO service providers follow some sort of black hat techniques that may work temporarily to improve a site’s rank, but almost always fail in maintaining it. We do not deal with stuff like that.

When it comes to work, our focus is on quality, not quantity. We only build quality backlinks which is a major determinant in improving and maintaining a website’s rank in Google.

So, this is what makes us different. The quality of backlinks that we generate.
So, opt for quality Off-Page SEO services in India and create a difference in your website’s ranking today!

Some of the major advantages of choosing us

Increase in Rankings

A successful Off-Page SEO strategy will, without a doubt, increase the rankings of your website. The site will rank higher which means more traffic and thus more business.

Increase in Page Rank

Page rank is Google’s way of interpreting the importance of a website. Higher page rank is associated with a more important site. With our top-notch Off-Page SEO services in India, page rank is sure to improve.

Greater Exposure

With higher ranks comes greater exposure. More visits, more backlinks, and social media mentions are all in-store if your website ranks high. It’s more like a chain where one follows after another. Rank high, earn Google and everyone else’s respect and everything else will follow.

Few of Our Off-Page SEO Results

The following are a few backlinks we built to our own website using Off-Page SEO.

Going through these will get you a fair idea about what a quality Off-Page SEO can do to the website’s rankings.

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Off-Page Optimization Techniques that we Follow

When it comes to Off-Page optimization techniques there are many. Each of them contributes to increasing the ranking of a website.

As mentioned, backlinking constitutes a major chunk of Off-Page SEO. Quality backlinking is linking your website or a page of it to some relevant and high authority site. Google, in turn, finds that that high authority site is pointing towards yours, so it must be good.

And as a result, the ranking of your website is increased. Now, that is not all of it.

There are dozens of other techniques to promote your website and its content outside your page. Let’s take a look at them.:

Web 2.0 Blog Posting

Web 2.0 is a type of online platform. We create content and post them there with a link to your website. This is a safe Off-Page SEO practice and helps in websites to rank higher. It’s also a lengthy process and can be cumbersome if you choose to do it yourself.

Blog Commenting

This process involves selecting high profile blogs and leaving meaningful comments over there with a link to your site. If the readers find your comment useful, they are likely to check your site for details.

Social Bookmarking

People browse the web and when they find some interesting page, they can store, edit or share the same using social bookmarking sites. These bookmarking sites are usually public and can drive quality traffic to your website.

Quora Answering

Answering on Quora can be used as an Off-Page SEO strategy to promote your business. The process involves answering the right questions relevant to your business.

Image Sharing

Image sharing is currently gaining popularity as an Off-Page SEO strategy and it involves sharing images in some image-sharing platforms. All these to promote your business.

Guest Blogging

Writing blogs as a guest in some high authority blogging site and mentioning your site’s name in it. That’s what guest blogging is all about. It’s a very effective technique and if applied correctly can and does have a huge impact on your website’s performance.

Business Listing

There are business listing sites that you can use to your benefit. List your business therein and watch your rankings grow.

Profile Creation

Profile creation involves creating profiles in some of the profiles creating sites that can generate high-quality backlinks from high authority sites.

PPT, PDF, ad DOC submission

There are sites where you can make a ppt or a pdf or simply a doc file and upload it there for people and Google to find you there.

We follow several other techniques to rank a website.

The list presented above is just a glimpse of what we do. The complete list is far more specific and comprehensive.

The list presented above is just a glimpse of what we do. The complete list is far more specific and comprehensive.

The main thing to keep in mind is that your website should be mentioned in more that one place. And, high authority people must talk about your site.

And that’s what Google considers to be the ranking factor.

As a quality SEO Off-Page service provider in India, we love to take challenges and make businesses grow.

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Every website wants to rank high on Google SERP. But that’s not easy. Google doesn’t make anything an easy task.  It has ways to determine and judge whether or not your website is the one that is the most suitable answer to a user search. There are techniques, mostly Off-page ones, which when correctly applied can skyrocket your website rank in Google. As a leading Off-Page SEO service provider in India, we can and do follow those techniques to rank websites. We are a team of experts and have been making a difference to website rankings by doing quality Off-page SEO. We have served hundreds of clients and satisfied each of them. So, if you too are looking for Off Page SEO services in India, contact us today. No matter what business you are in or what position your website is ranking, we can create a difference. The techniques we apply are all white hat thus no worry about falling in rankings. With us, all you’ll get is an enhancement in SERP rankings and thus a boost in your business.