Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh: Local SEO Dhaka > (12 Yrs)

Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh: Local SEO Dhaka (12 Yrs Exp.)

SEO Expert in Bangladesh
SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Your search for the best local SEO expert in Bangladesh ends here!

If your ultimate goals are:

  • Ranking your website on Google…
  • Grow organic traffic…
  • Increase leads and sales (Fast!)…

You have come to the right place…

As a Bangladesh SEO expert, we only follow white hat SEO techniques.


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Why SEO is The Ultimate Solution for Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is MORE important than ever before…

Here is the truth:

SEO popularity Worldwide

According to Google trends, the popularity of SEO is increasing day-by-day.


Think about for a minute:

If you need any solution or information where do you search online?

Yes, you guessed it absolutely right…

It’s Google

It’s NOT just about you and me.

Almost everyone is doing the exact same thing.

That means MOST of your potential customers are (and will) searching for your services on Google.

If your website will rank on Google’s first page…

You will get highly targeted traffic to your website.



If your website ranks well on Google, people will trust your website…

…As they trust Google.

In short:

  • More targeted traffic = more leads
  • More leads = more sales
  • More sales = more business (money)

Bingo! 🙂

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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello everyone,

This is Rintu Biswas, a well-known SEO expert in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I’m working in the SEO field since 2011.

SEO Expert in Bangladesh - RINTU BISWAS

Basically, I’m from Kolkata (India).

I have been featured on giant websites like:…(Along with 7 internationally recognized SEO experts.)

Bangladesh SEO expert

Google News…


Not only that:

If you search on Google with “Who is the best SEO expert in Kolkata?”…

Google is showing me in the featured snippet box:

Who is the best SEO expert in Kolkata
Note: This result may fluctuate over time.

I’m providing quality SEO services in Bangladesh with my experienced SEO team.

Why Should You Hire Me As an SEO Expert in Bangladesh?

That’s a very valuable question!

You should try our SEO services as we only use white hat SEO strategies.

As SEO specialist in Bangladesh, we strictly follow Google’s guidelines.


There are several SEO agencies out there who are utilizing the black hat SEO techniques to rank their client’s website on Google.

This is a sad truth…

For example:

They are still doing spammy blog commenting, random search engine submission activities to rank a website on Google’s first page.

These are considered as BLACK HAT SEO techniques.

(These techniques come with BIG risk)

These low-quality SEO strategies can push your website to become a Google Penguin food.

In simple words:

Google might penalize your website or can even remove your entire website from its index.

Fortunately, as SEO specialist in Bangladesh, we don’t do this.

This makes our SEO services different.


If you are looking for white hat SEO services, look no further…

We are here to assist you to achieve your goal…

Mauritius SEO Expert

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Few of Our SEO Client’s Feedback

The following are a few of our satisfied SEO client’s feedback.

Mauritius SEO-client-review-James-Austwick

Mauritius SEO-client-review

White hat SEO Strategies that We Follow:

A well-planned SEO strategy will help to get long-term Google rankings.

There are several search engine optimization service providers who start their SEO campaigns with off-site SEO.

This is a HUGE mistake.

(We never do this) 

Instead of this:

We always make a step-by-step strategy for every SEO campaign.

In simple words:

A well-structured SEO plan is needed to achieve long-term results…

(Google rankings)

In general, we follow the following strategies for our clients:

  • Website SEO Audit
  • High converting Keyword research
  • Content Planning for the target pages
  • Keyword Optimization for target pages
  • High-quality Off-Page SEO
  • …And Track SEO results

Skyrocket Your Google Rankings:

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Listen very carefully:

Being an SEO expert in Dhaka, Bangladesh, I will be very honest with you.

Running a successful SEO campaign takes time.

If you don’t have patience, SEO service is not for you.


If you have patience and want to get long-term Google rankings…

You are strongly welcome 🙂

SEO specialist in Mauritius

Looking for Google’s first page rankings?

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Mobile: 8013023976 and 7980883582

In short:

If your ultimate goals are:

  • Ranking your website on Google’s first page…
  • Increase organic traffic (targeted)
  • Increase leads and sales

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