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Want to Know Who Am I?

Meet your SEO consultant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Mr. Rintu Biswas.

I have been working in the Google SEO field since 2011.

Over the years I have tested different SEO strategies to learn how Google SEO works.

Needless to say:

Most of the time I succeed with my SEO experiments. 

I should point out:

Recently, I have been featured on

Along with 7 international search engine optimization experts.

Best SEO specialist in Ahmedabad

Also featured on Google News…


Here is the fun fact:

I LOVE to take challenges when it comes to SEO and link building.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing your website for search engines and ranking there as well.

The #1 Online Marketing Channel is:


Here is the real story:

For most businesses, SEO is the most important marketing channel.


The following data comes directly from Google… 

(100% trustworthy)

Just go to Google Trends and compare SEO to any other online marketing channel.

SEO vs Facebook Marketing

SEO vs Facebook Marketing


SEO vs PPC data

SEO vs Social Media Marketing

SEO vs Social Media Marketing

You get the point: 

SEO is the most popular Internet marketing channel than: 

  • Facebook Marketing
  • PPC (Google Ads)
  • Social Media Marketing
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At this moment, you might be wondering:


So quick pop quiz for you: 

What’s the best place for your potential customers to find you organically online? 

Is it:

(A) Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)

(B) Search engines (Google) Or…

(C) Email 

Well, if your answer is (B) Search engines (Google), then nice work… 

…because there’s data to prove this. 

Just go to SimilarWeb and see which is the most visited website in the world.

Not only that:

According to Barrel Associates, over 65 billion was invested into the SEO industry in 2016…

SEO industry is growing

…and this number is expected to rise in the future (for sure!)

More and more capital is flowing into the SEO industry because companies are discovering how powerful it is for growing revenue. 

No matter what type of business you have…

If you want more targeted leads, sales, and revenue for your business from online promotion…

You have to rank your website on Google.

(As almost everyone is searching for what you sell on Google.)

To rank well on Google, your website needs a solid step-by-step SEO strategy.


SEO is an Inbound marketing channel…

In other words: 

People are coming to you to solve their problems.

That’s why traffic from SEO has higher conversion rates.

In short: 

The time for you to use SEO services to grow your business is RIGHT NOW. 

…And, if you have a business based in Ahmedabad.

…you should hire an SEO expert in Ahmedabad. 

Hire Your SEO Consultant in Ahmedabad 

(Here is Why)


My SEO team strictly follows the Google webmaster guidelines.


There are several SEO specialists in Ahmedabad, Gujarat who are doing black hat SEO…

Shocking right?

Unfortunately, it’s true.

The dangerous thing is:

Black hat SEO strategies can push your website to get penalized by Google.


If your website gets penalized by the BIG “G”

Believe me, it will be extremely HARD to get back on the RIGHT track.

Fortunately for you:

As an SEO specialist in Ahmedabad, we NEVER do black hat search engine optimization.

We know what Google wants…

…and we do search engine optimization accordingly.

We are NOT here to fool our SEO clients…


We are here to make our client’s businesses profitable by using Google-approved SEO.

This makes our SEO services in Ahmedabad different than others.

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SEO Service Agency in Ahmedabad

(SEO Action Plan)

As an SEO service provider in Ahmedabad, we create step-by-step action plans for each SEO project.

Our Google SEO process looks like this:

SEO Action Plan

  • SEO audit (Checking website health)
  • Competitor analysis
  • keyword research
  • keyword mapping (especially for target pages)
  • Content planning for the target pages
  • Optimize each landing page’s content
  • Link-building campaign (This is an ongoing process)
  • Monthly ranking report to our SEO clients

Best SEO Services In Ahmedabad

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