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In the realm of online marketing and all that is related to it, ‘Infographics’ has been the main buzzword lately.

You might have heard this in the different online focus groups if you happen to be a part of them. With big influencers recommending more and more of this every day.

Well, infographics are nothing new, and this has been around the block.

If you’ve been following some of the more famous blogs online for some time now. Doesn’t matter in which niche. You’ve come across this multiple times.

It is that now we’re getting a taste of how effective it is for online marketing.

Because of the increasing shortage of time, we’re experiencing. And add to that the ready availability of information in this age of ‘info on the go’.

Basically, if you include more infographics in your content. Then it will be more likely that the viewers will stick to it. As infographics make it easier for them to get what they want easily.

A bit of explanation for this is definitely in order, so more on that next.

Some of Our
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Our Freelance infographic design service in India is very cost-effective

How Infographics Does the Trick

A significant portion of the information that we want to find out about is more or less some statistics or the other.
Basically just a number, or a group of them which tells the entire tale. That’s it.
So, would you want to read through an entire article, just to get to that? I wouldn’t. And it’s not because of our poor attention spans or anything.
We just like to get more done in less time because we’re busy.
So with an infographic, which is just a picture with all the numerical or factual information in it. You get that information in a much quicker fashion.
And yes, these have wonderful illustrations to make these that much more appealing.
What this will do for you is to make your content more engaging. Thus more and more of the viewers will come back to it. Or better yet, link to it from their own websites.
To demonstrate the efficacy of infographics,
here are some stats for you

74% of the marketers online, use infographics in the marketing messages they put out for people to see.

Among them as well as other content publishers who use these, 84% swear by this medium.

A blog with proper infographics is 30 times more likely to entice the viewers than just plain old text.

3 Ways Our Infographic Design Services in India Can Boost the Engagement of Your Content:

You might be in any niche of the market, out on the internet doing your marketing. And great content is going to be the way for that.
With the ever so dynamic nature of online marketing in India, you got to ride the wave of the trend.
And putting infographics in your content is going to be the way to go. But, doing it half-heartedly won’t cut it.
That is where a freelance infographic designer can make a real difference.
Because you’ll be able to delegate this task to real experts, who’ll do the best job possible. But if you don’t pay enough attention when you hire an infographic designer. That might do more harm than good.
With our freelance infographic design services, we will help you take your content to the next level.


Rounding up Your Posts

We have expert graphic designers on our teams who can design excellent infographics for this.

Your posts can be about anything, that wouldn’t matter. With tactful research and compilation, we will boil down the main pieces of information you’re trying to get through.

That way, your posts will be much more useful to your audience right upfront. Leading to numerous benefits for your website.

Since this is one of the more common things that infographics present. We have proven success with this and can bring that to you as well.


Infographics for Compelling Picture Posts

Repurposing content is among the most common practices when it comes to content marketing.

And what better way to do that, than having an infographic version of one or more posts you have.

Then, you’ll be able to post that on Instagram, and any other social media platform for that matter. Like Pinterest, Imgur and all.

You might have single images in mind, or carousel formats if need be. There can also be formats specific to the platform you post to. Thus you’ll have more content in your back pocket which you’ll be able to use as you need.

So, whatever the case may be, we can make infographic designs for you.


Infographics for Newsletters

Another very effective use for infographics is to put them in the newsletters you send.

Since the majority of people wouldn’t bother going through an entire written piece you email them. Sending them infographics to convey a similar message will work very well.

You would be adding a lot more value to your newsletter subscribers that way

Our designers can put together well-tailored infographics for exactly that purpose. Thus, it can have a significant positive effect on your email marketing campaigns.

Other than this, we can bring you a lot more when it comes to infographic designs. And it’s really simple to get in touch with us.

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