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Hi everyone, this is Rintu Biswas, a professional SEO expert in Kolkata since 2011. I have founded Digital SEO Land in 2018.

My goal with this website is to reach out to those people who want to join a digital marketing course in Kolkata.

Note: I ONLY provide SEO, Blogging and YouTube Marketing.

I want to teach, as many people (beginners/freshers) as I can, how to do white hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and YouTube Marketing.

If you are passionate about SEO and YouTube and want to make a successful career in the Digital Marketing world, you are in the right place.

I provide white hat SEO training in Kolkata, the blogging course in Kolkata and YouTube course in Kolkata to beginners at affordable fees.

Digital SEO Land is 100% focusing on white hat SEO techniques.

We never try to game or spam Googlor other search engines.

It is super risky.

If Googlnotices that you are doing black hat SEO, they will reward your effort by penalizing your website.


It will be a SUPER waste of time to game Google.

Googlis super smart today!

On the other hand, if we follow Google‘s guidelines (white hat SEO) we will be fine and Googlwill reward us by ranking our website on the first page.

Digital SEO Land always tries to satisfy clients, by ranking their website on the first page of Googlfor some relevant keywords.

For more details please contact us today:

Mobile: 8013023976Email: rintubiswas7@gmail.com

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