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To be very honest:

Building lots of whitehat backlinks is very challenging…


As a link-building service provider, we love to take on challenges.

In fact:

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What is Link Building?

To be very honest:

Link building is the process of getting backlinks to your website from another website.


Why Is Backlink Building Service So
important to Rank in Google?

Google recently confirmed that backlink is one of their MOST important ranking signals.

More high-quality backlinks = Higher Google rankings

Quality backlinks will help to grow your website’s authority and trust.

The most important thing is:
Google officially recommends us to build backlinks to our websites.
This helps them to figure out which website is trustworthy.

Why You Should Try Our Link Building Services in India

A million-dollar question.

Let me explain:

Today SEO (Google ranking) is all about trust. Google wants to rank those websites which are reliable, trustworthy and useful for the users.

Needless to say:

If a website is focusing on building low-quality backlinks, over time they WILL lose the trust of Google.

With the best practices :

We ONLY focus on building white hat backlinks.

You might be wondering:

What are white hat backlinks exactly?

White hat link building is the process of building backlinks by following Google’s guidelines.

Case in point:

Getting quality backlinks and improving SEO isn’t easy anymore…

Google’s John Mueller said the same:

What’s the solution?

Consult with link building expert in India, Mr. Rintu Biswas…

We have been working in the SEO and link building industry since 2011 and have managed to keep our global clientele happy.

Recently, I have been featured on…

How Our Whitehat Link Building
Services in India is Unique?

As a link building service provider in India, we focus only on quality NOT quantity.

Today only one type of link building strategies work.

How Our Backlinks Campaign Works?

Running a successful backlinks campaign is a time-consuming task.

We focus on building content-based backlinks, as Google loves unique content.

Here is a general overview of our link building process:

  • ➢ Understand your (business) website first
  • ➢ Identifying backlinks opportunities
  • ➢ Looking for relevant websites and blogs
  • ➢ Create effective content
  • ➢ Distribute the content on the internet
  • ➢ Get the backlink

We should highlight that, we strongly focus on building contextual backlinks from relevant content.


Because contextual backlinks help Google to understand the relationship between the content and the linking website.

Link Building Strategies That Works and How We Execute Them

Competitor Backlinks Analysis

A competitor backlink analysis is an important process where we reverse engineer your competitor's backlinks. The goal is to find out high quality and relevant backlinks that we can acquire in our backlinks campaign.

When it comes to backlinks analysis, we primarily focus on the relevancy. To do that we use best of the best tools like: Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest and more.

Backlink Audit

Backlink audit is necessary to look into your existing backlink profile history, segregate good and bad domains, analyse bad domains to submit a disavow and keep an ongoing healthy backlink portfolio.

We run backlink audits using industry best backlinks analysing tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console and more.

Outreach Campaign & Guest Posts

Email outreach is to promote your content asset We manually collect relevant and quality blogs for the guest posting campaign. We pitch each blogs with well researched topics. When we get a positive response from industry blogs, we write the content and secure the backlinks.

We manually collect relevant and quality blogs for the guest posting campaign. We pitch each blogs with well researched topics. When we get a positive response from industry blogs, we write the content and secure the backlinks.

Brand Mentions

A brand mention is when one website mentions another website in their content. Sometimes, bloggers mention other sites without actually linking to them and this is called unlinked brand mentions. These mentions are a great oppertunity to get backlinks from. The author of the blog post already mentioned your brand. Which means they already know about your brand.

We use Google Alert to track online brand mentions. We collect the data and start email outreach campaigns to secure the high quality backlinks. Note: This method only works if your company has some authority in the industry.

Digital Press Release (PR)

Digital PR is a marketing method to earn backlinks to support your link building campaign.Digital PR has a few benefits in addition to improving brand awareness, including increasing organic traffic, leads, and sales, as well as promoting social engagement.

Need to create linkable assets like: industry study with unique data, case study, in-depth guide, tools and more to promote these to relevant journalists and publications to encourage them to write about your content and link to it as a source. We do manual research to find out any viral topic in your industry. To do that we always keep our eyes on the industry specific platforms. So that we can create content around them and pitch them to relevant journalists to use it as a source.

Link Roundup

Link roundups are weekly, daily, or monthly curated lists of the best content in a particular niche. It’s one of the best link building methods as your backlink will be coming from a relevant page. The content has to be recently published. In other words, link roundups only mention content which are new and updated.

We do manual analysis and try to find active link roundups. Once we get good and relevant opportunities, we pitch content (article from your blog) to secure the backlink.

Broken Link Building

It is the process of finding and replacing the broken links (404 pages) on other websites with our working link. This is one of best link building strategies that can improve search engine rankings.

This method works well, as we are adding value to the webmaster's websites to remove the dead links and improve user experience. It’s a win-win for both of us. We use SEO tools to find relevant broken pages which has decent number of backlinks. Then we see which websites are giving backlinks to these dead pages. Once we have the data in hand, we start email outreaching to them and ask them to replace the dead links with our helpful resource.

Our Link Building Techniques:

In our link building services India, we will apply the following techniques to build backlinks.

  • ➢ Guest Posting (relevant with your niche)
  • ➢ Web 2.0 Blog Post (with high-quality content)
  • ➢ Local Business Listings (For local businesses)
  • ➢ Quora Answering
  • ➢ Blog commenting (only quality)
  • ➢ Competitor’s backlinks
  • ➢ Infographic Marketing (If needed)
  • Read more

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White hat backlinks are the ONLY way to grow your website’s authority (DA).


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Link Building Services India:
Frequently Ask Question

Q1. What are the benefits of link building?

Google officially confirmed that backlink (quality) is one of the top-ranking signals. Backlinks work like a positive vote for a website.

Google believes if a website has lots of high-quality backlinks, that must be a trustworthy and authoritative website.

Thus it should rank higher than others.

Note: Google also looks at other SEO signals as well like on-page SEO.

Q2. Will link building be needed in 2022?


Backlinks still play a crucial role (and will) in ranking any webpage higher in Google.

As we mentioned earlier, Google officially confirmed that backlinks are one of their top ranking signals.

Q3. All the backlinks to my website will be do-follow?


It’s not always possible to get do-follow backlinks only. Also, getting 100% do-follow backlinks is unrealistic.

Hence, we focus on making the backlink profile very natural by building a mix of do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

Q4. Will you create black hat backlinks for my website?

Of course NOT…

We only provide white-hat link-building services to our clients.

We strictly follow Google’s link-building guidelines.

Q5. What makes your link-building services in India different from others?

In our backlinks services, we will guide you for better on-page optimization. Especially for your target pages for Google rankings.

No backlinks service provider will provide you with this extra support, and this makes us different.

Also, we DON’T make any false commitments to our clients.

Q6. What makes a backlink look natural to Google?

Getting backlinks from highly relevant blogs and websites is natural.

For example:

If your website is about healthcare, then getting backlinks from health, fitness-related blogs are relevant and natural.


You can get backlinks from food blogs as well, as food is connected with health and fitness topics.

Q7. How do you decide the link building campaign price?

There are NO fixed link building packages. Every niche and business is different.

First, we do an analysis of our client’s website and look for backlinks opportunities.

Based on our deep research we come up with suitable backlinks packages for our clients.

Q8. Is Digital SEO Land a link building company in India?


We are a link building company in India. Our goal is to grow the website's link authority and boost backlink credibility.

Q9. What you should not do in a link building?

Most of the agencies follow the same old link building strategies that used to work back in the early days of search engines.

Well, those methods do not work anymore. The priority of quality links and strategies associated with it has evolved from just link search engine algorithms.

In 2023 and beyond, every company who is considering search engines as their primary traffic and lead generation channel should focus on building links that matter. Avoid spammy, poor quality, PBN link building techniques at any cost.

Q10. Is link building still relevant in 2023?

Link Building was and will be relevant as long as search engines like Google exist. Backlinks are among the fundamental building blocks of Google’s search algorithm. Links play a huge role in identifying the quality of a domain or page. In 2023, the focus of every link builder should be to build links that are natural, coming from relevant and informative resources.

Q11. How long does it take link building to work?

Before answering these questions, there is one important thing that we all must keep in mind.

The purpose of link building is to build trust and authority. Google bots will look into your link portfolio and give scores based on relevancy, trustworthiness and quality of the linking domain.

Now, link building will only work if the website is optimised overall. A poorly structured website will never improve its organic performance even if you spend thousands of dollars in backlink.

As a leading link building service provider in India, we make sure to be transparent with our client and share our suggestions without sugar-coating the facts. Backlinks are a must to improve ranking, but it will give faster results only if you do all the things right.

Before jumping into link building, make sure to work on technical and On-Page aspects of your website.

Try Our Link Building Services in India & rank your website in Google (fast!)
[Using 100% white hat SEO]