Real Estate SEO Services in India: (Google’s First Page Ranking)

real estate seo services

Real estate market is growing super fast!

A lot of MONEY is flowing in this industry.

Which is a good thing.


There is only ONE problem…

It’s a highly competitive industry for doing SEO.

Look at Google’s search result for “real estate agency” keyword:

real estate agency

Oh my god!

Very scary number RIGHT?

Stay with me, because I have GOOD news for you.

Digital SEO Land provides ROI driven real estate SEO services globally.

Bingo! 🙂

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Why Is Real Estate SEO Challenging (Fortunately, NOT for Us)

There is no question that the real estate industry is extremely competitive.

Running a successful real estate SEO campaign is NOT everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s true!

SEO experts need specialized skills to outrank other BIG real estate giants on Google.

Looks like an impossible job RIGHT?

That’s where Digital SEO Land comes in.

As a real estate SEO expert in India, our goal is to achieve Google’s first-page ranking for our clients.

Now, the question is:

How do we successfully run search engine optimization campaigns in the real estate niche?

It’s very simple.

We follow proven step-by-step action plans that very few SEO professionals do.

Let’s find out what those are…

Our Real Estate SEO Strategies: (Step-By-Step Action Plan)

We as a real estate SEO consultant in India go through the following SEO action plans…

  • Creating an Effective SEO Audit Report
  • Find Out Profitable Keywords
  • Rank for Some Low Hanging Fruit Keywords
  • Strategic Keyword Mapping Plan
  • Creating Content Planner
  • High-Quality Link Building Campaign
  • Monitor The SEO Performance
  • Lastly, A/B Testing (If needed)

Here is the truth:

Running a successful SEO campaign in the real estate (or any other niches) industry is challenging but with a solid data driven SEO campaign, you can outrank competitors and dominate the first page of Google for years.

Fortunately for you:

We do have smart SEO experts in the team, who knows how to develop a real estate SEO strategy.


WARNING! We Don’t Work With Everyone…

If you want to work with us, then it’s important that you understand and agree with the following principles.

Real Estate SEO Is A Long Term Strategy

SEO is incredibly challenging in the real estate niche (I mentioned several times).

Google’s first page is dominated by authority sites like Zillow, Realtor and Trulia.

However, small or new websites can compete by understanding one simple thing…

You can’t achieve overnight success in SEO.

If you don’t have patience, SEO is NOT the right channel for you.

SEO Services for Real Estate Industry Are Costly

SEO requires input from SEO experts, SEO copywriters, email marketers.

In simple words: An effective real estate SEO campaign is not cheap.

Real Estate SEO Services in India:
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Frequently Asked Questions: SEO Services for Real Estate

Why is real estate SEO so challenging?

The real estate industry is very crowded today. There are so many BIG brands dominating this niche.


They have a HUGE marketing budget. Hence, competing with them is extremely difficult.

So, what’s the solution?

Proper SEO action plan and long-tail keywords.

These two methods will help to achieve good results. But, you have to have patience.

Is Digital SEO Land a real estate SEO agency?


Digital SEO Land is a real estate SEO agency.

We have talented SEO professionals in the team. Mr. Rintu Biswas is leading the team. He is a well-known SEO expert from Kolkata.

How will you find the best keywords for my real estate website?

We use a lot of methods to find out profitable keywords for our SEO campaign.

  • We look for the competitor’s best keywords (for a new campaign we look for long-tail keywords)
  • We use Google keyword planner
  • Google Autosuggest
  • Google’s searches related to the section
  • …And more

We also ask for keyword ideas from our clients. Then we take those ideas and find out more profitable keywords.

How will I get the SEO reports?

We will share SEO reports on a monthly basis. We will share with you the SEO activities and keyword rankings report via Google sheet.


Getting 100% do-follow backlinks is unrealistic.

We build backlinks from relevant sources that could be do-follow and no-follow.

Our main goal will be to get as many do-follow backlinks. However, it’s always NOT possible to get 100% do-follow backlinks.

How much time will it take to see the positive SEO results?

It depends on keyword competition and your website’s authority.

Each SEO campaign is different. Each website is different.

Hence, it’s difficult to say the actual time.

However, it may take 6 months to see positive growth in the SEO rankings.