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Search Engine Optimization has been empowering millions of online businesses and hundreds of industries to boost growth and skyrocket their sales.

Thousands of businesses are swapping from traditional marketing to digital marketing as SEO has enormous potential to proliferate your business or product around the world.

The world of marketing has changed massively after the arrival and applications of search engine optimization.

Here is SEO vs traditional marketing: (Data directly from Google)

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So, if you ask…

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Optimizing your online business (website) in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing ) and promoting it in the spectrum of all digital mediums in order to rank on the first page of SERPs so that it can generate more traffic and bring in a healthy ROI.

CBD (cannabidiol) industry is growing massively around the world and this change has especially been noticed in the last few years.

With CBD becoming a fast-expanding industry many people are turning to the digital world to sell products or services related to CBD. Businesses are turning towards search engine optimization as they are restricted to come up with paid advertising.

You might be wondering what is the use and benefits of CBD?

So, before stepping into why SEO is a powerful tool…

…let’s have a quick glimpse of Cannabidiol (CBD) and it’s benefits.

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The Basics of Cannabidiol (CBD)

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 2 main core elements of Cannabis, and the other one is named as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

THC has psychoactive agents that generally give you the high whereas CBD is not psychoactive which means it will not get you high but can be used to heal.

Here are a few benefits of using CBD

  • CBD is used to treat chronic pain.
  • The agents of CBD reduce anxiety and depression.
  • CBD extracts can help lower down cancer-related symptoms
  • CBD has neuroprotective characteristics.


The CBD contributes to multiple medical benefits and CBD products are categorized into dozens of categories and sub-categories.

Want to know the best part?

The much-awaited farm bill legalization of marijuana in the U.S and around major parts of the world has led to a competitive eCommerce marketplace.

Here are another top 10 fascinating facts about CBD

facts about CBD

This industry will become more productive as more states are legalizing the use of CBD in different forms.

So that makes us assume that SEO for CBD companies is one of the best digital marketing techniques to skyrocket search engine ranks, boost your brand awareness and grow organic traffic of your website.

According to a recent article by, the cumulative market for CBD sales in the U.S will exceed by $ 20 billion by 2024.

This is crazy..

And this figure makes it very clear that the CBD industry is growing at a rapid pace.

The flourishing market demands and the need to reach out to your potential client necessitates the indulgence of the best CBD SEO experts.

Now the big question is …


It is because 93 % of all online experiences begin with a search engine and Google is the only one who not only leads the search engine market but dominates with more than 93 % shares in the market.

When it is all about standing out in the search engines, you need nothing but an SEO of CBD Companies.

And when it comes to search engine optimization, the 2 most crucial aspects that build the framework are:

(1) On-Page SEO


(2) Off-Page SEO

On-Page lets you work with the elements of your website directly to boost up your ranking such as image optimization, anchor text creation, keyword targeting, creating friendly URLs, and optimizing the meta description and headlines.

On the other hand, Off-Page contributes to outreaching to target audiences and other important jobs such as building strong links, social sharing, content marketing, multimedia sharing etc.

SEO is the only tool today that is inexpensive compared to other marketing channels and can eventually take your website on the first page of Google and bring you heavy ROI.

CBD SEO Services has the potential to generate the most robust digital marketing campaigns for CBD companies.

Now, one more important question that people generally ask:

What are the benefits of CBD SEO?

  • Search engine optimization will help Google to better understand your website content and rank your website accordingly.
  • The rightly optimized site creates a great impression and helps to fit a mobile or tablet version of the site.
  • SEO can increase your site loading speed on every device.
  • SEO includes rewriting and research to optimize the content.
  • Optimizing your site will help you to keep your presence on social media and spread awareness.
  • You can optimize subheadings for secondary keywords and snippets.
  • SEO helps in analyzing competitors and jot out strategies to counter them.
  • Above all SEO gives you the privilege to analyze and audit your site at every step and then come up with better techniques.

Outrank your Competitors on Google (With our CBD SEO Services)

outrank your competitors on Google

Digital SEO Land has been giving SEO services to many legit businesses around the world for years.

Our SEO specialist and proficient content creator work hard to learn the ins and outs of each spectrum of business so that they can provide superior SEO services to each kind of business we work with.

Our technical CBD SEO experts put on heavy research to figure out which keyword to rank for and what to dodge based on competitors’ ranks and industry.

Our writer then furnishes quality, fresh and useful content that can connect with visitors and keep them engaged in your web pages.

Above all, the content they produce will be target keyword rich and is comprised of rock-solid internal and outbound links.

We focus on creating compelling SEO-based content that will drive heavy traffic which will lead to high conversion and ultimately sales.

Here is the deal:

Our CBD SEO Services Action Plan:

seo plan cbd

Our Search engine optimizer has gathered a proficiency of more than 12 years in this industry and has explored the insight of the digital world.

We work with a group of seasoned and professional individuals who are specialized in a different subject such as website development, On-Page, and Off-Page optimization, dedicated link building professional, graphic designer, skilled content creator, and writer and above all an SEO specialist.

Our SEO experts will dedicate resources to create local, national and international eCommerce SEO plans to help boost your CBD website so that it ranks on the first page of Google’s SERPs.

We will audit and use all the information to optimize specific areas of your site so that it becomes easy for Google to understand your intent and rank it accordingly in the SERPs.

Some of the main areas of optimization include:

  • Mobile Optimization
  • Image and data optimization
  • Contact forms and social sharing
  • Optimizing page headers and titles
  • CSS and website loading speed
  • Content creation and linking
  • Schema at every level
  • Site navigation and SSL integration

We will monitor customer activity and user experience and work on it to perfect it. Our team will continuously coordinate with you to determine what is best for your website and come up with definite marketing strategies to get your website on top.

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