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Blogging Course in Kolkata for 2024

Meet Your blogging trainer: Mr. Rintu Biswas
Hi, I’m Rintu Biswas (providing Blogging course in Kolkata).
I have been interviewed by Mr. Steve Wetmore on BuySellShoutouts…
And, my interview has been featured on Yahoo.com.
(Along with 7 international SEO experts.)
Also, Digital SEO Land and I featured on Google News…
Bingo! 🙂

Looking for a Blogging Course in Kolkata?

Mr. Rintu Biswas, a blogging trainer in Kolkata will teach you “how to become a successful blogger” in 2024 [STEP-BY-STEP].

[I guide all my Blogging students even after the Blog course completion]

Here are a few of my student’s feedback who have completed my blogging course…

Then good news for you:

My WordPress blogging course in Kolkata will teach you how to grow traffic to your blog in 2024…

Note: An overlooked blogging tips might surprise you. I will reveal it in my blogging classes.

The real fact is this: No matter how good writer you are, if your blog isn’t generating any traffic, your entire blogging will 100% fail.

Think about for a second…
If no one is reading your blog post (no traffic), then what is the purpose of writing a blog article?
No Traffic = No Reader
Higher Ranking in Google = More Traffic = More Readers
If your blog isn’t getting any traffic, then you should STOP writing blog posts immediately.
What ???
Are you scared?
Just chill…I’m joking 🙂
If you think, you are writing good articles consistently but not getting any traffic to your blog, consider yourself lucky.
Because, my blogging training course in Kolkata, West Bengal will teach you how to write a blog post, your readers will love.
Not ends here…
My Content Marketing Course in Kolkata will also teach you how to promote your article to build quality backlinks.
These 2 step process will help your blog to rank in Google consistently.
Sadly, most people think:
“If we publish good content on a regular basis, our blog will rank in Google”.
This is the BIGGEST myth in the blogging industry…
Here’s the truth:
Google rankings have NOTHING to do with “publishing blog posts regularly”.
(Yes, really)
Instead, your ability to rank well in Google depends on 3 factors:

Factor #1: Creating content (only amazing) that deserves to be rank #1.

Factor #2: Promoting that content to build backlinks.

Factor #3: User satisfaction (give what Google searchers want)

Seriously, that’s it.

How to create content that deserves to rank on Google’s first page?

That’s what my professional blogging course in Kolkata, West Bengal is all about.

Why Should You Learn Blogging from an Industry Expert?

Today, blogging is an extremely competitive field…
You need to do something crazy (with your blog) to standout today.
There are 2 million blog posts are published every single day.
This is crazy!
Note: You can also check Posting Activity data from WordPress.com too.
Hence, ranking a blog post on Google’s first page isn’t easy anymore.
This is the bad news…
But the good news is:
If you follow a PROVEN step-by-step blogging checklist from my WordPress blog post classes in Kolkata, you can outrank your competitors in Google.
Note: It’s only possible if you work hard and be consistent.

Blogging Course Syllabus 2024

Link Building (Step-By-Step Blueprint)

(Most bloggers struggle with backlinks)

Other Important Techniques for Blogging

Make Money From Blogging (Smart Works)

My Old Google Rankings (My Few Results)

Want to rank your website on Google’s first page?

The truth is this:
Setting up a WordPress blog is just the first step in blogging.
You need HUGE traffic to make your blog successful.
And, no traffic is better than organic traffic from Google.

Knowing content writing is great.

Knowing content marketing is great.

But when you can do BOTH for your blog?

Your blog will be unstoppable…

My blogging course will teach you both…

Promote Your Awesome Content Get POWERFUL Backlinks

Bingo! 🙂

What are you waiting for?

Attend my blogging training classes in Kolkata and become a successful blogger.