Interview With Chris Dreyer (Founder & CEO at

Hi Marketers!

I have a very special guest for today’s interview.

He is a successful entrepreneur and one of the most successful SEO expert worldwide.

It’s none other than Chris Dreyer the founder & CEO at (SEO agency exclusively for lawyers).

It’s been a pleasure to interview him.

I would like to mention one thing here:

He is very helpful and a nice human being.

…And also:

He has some tremendous SEO skills, especially in law firm SEO.

(0) Rintu Biswas: You are a well-known SEO expert (one of my favorite), however, please introduce yourself to our new readers (who aren’t fortunate yet to know about you).

Chris Dreyer: Hi, my name’s Chris Dreyer. I’ve been practicing SEO for nearly fifteen years. I launched my digital agency in 2013; we help elite personal injury law firms dominate first page rankings.

(1) Rintu Biswas: What motivated you to get started with SEO?

Chris Dreyer: To be honest, I found SEO by chance. I was trying to earn additional income in my free time (my full-time job was managing a detention room at a high school). I used the worst possible query (“how to make money online”) and discovered affiliate marketing and SEO.

(2) Rintu Biswas: What are the best ways to find low competitive but high converting keywords for local SEO?

Chris Dreyer: First, identify what keyword phrases in your industry are getting bids for pay-per-click.

PPC campaigns tend to target direct, purchase intent keywords.

Once you’ve identified those phrases, I use a variety of tools (such as Ahrefs and SEMRush) to do competitive analysis.

I tend to favor Ahrefs and utilize their batch analysis feature to get an overall look at the link profile for the top-ranking sites for those terms.

It’s not all science; there’s also a little art.

You’ll need to manually review the listings for those terms to see what type of content and content framework is being used to rank in those positions. Then, ask yourself what is missing or what you can do better.

(3) Rintu Biswas: How to rank local service pages (money pages) on Google as link building for these pages is really challenging?

Chris Dreyer: Start with your foundational links (from local associations, directories, citations, etc.).

Next, I find it’s very important to incorporate statistics into your money pages, as it helps with editorial outreach.

Individuals typically don’t want to link to a sales page; stats allow an outlet to link to it as information.

(4) Rintu Biswas: What are the 4 key skills a great SEO MUST have?

Chris Dreyer:

(5) Rintu Biswas: What is your link building strategy for a brand new local website?

Chris Dreyer: As I mentioned above, I would start with foundational links: local associations, directories, citations, anything with your geography that you can easily acquire. Do a competitive analysis and look for the links that you can easily acquire and replicate.

(6) Rintu Biswas: How do you research topics for a content marketing campaign?

Chris Dreyer:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Consumer-related queries
  • LSI phrases
  • Content Explorer (Ahrefs)
  • Answer the Public
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Client surveys
(7) Rintu Biswas: This is an interesting question. I have seen that several local website’s homepages rank for a specific keyword, though the keyword has a dedicated page on the website.

For example, is ranking for Criminal lawyer in London, but this keyword has a separate page like

How to solve this problem?

Chris Dreyer: There are several things you could do in this situation:

  • You could rel=canonical the page so that it exists and helps the consumer.
  • You could 301 the page to the homepage.
  • There could be issues with your strategy, such as targeting too similar of a keyword in your title tag and copy. There could also be situations where your external anchor text is providing incorrect signals.
  • In other situation, the destination URL for Google My Business may need to be pointed at the internal page, rather than the homepage.

Overall, it comes down to “What’s the strategy” and “Where can I improve?”

(8) Rintu Biswas: How to do an Adult website’s SEO? Especially, how to build backlinks to an adult website as people ignore to link to these websites.

Chris Dreyer: I’ve never attempted this, though I do find that when I rank #1 for a competitive term, my competition hits me with these links. They think that they’re hurting me, but if they’re the high authority…LOL

I do have a funny situation like this recently: a PI attorney with a practice page for injuries sustained falling downstairs began receiving a large quantity of adult links. It turned out that they were coming from fetish sites (for climacophiles). Even though they were adult sites, thanks for the free authority.

I know most SEOs default to disavowing adult links, but most of the time, Google can identify spam links and ignore them.

The SEO strategy for an adult site would be very similar to one for a non-adult site.

The only difference is that it’ll be harder to attain links, so you’ll have to be more careful with your link acquisition strategy.

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