Interview With Nathan Gotch [Founder of Gotch SEO] By: Rintu Biswas

Interview With Nathan Gotch [Founder of Gotch SEO]

Nathan Gotch SEO Interview

Hi Marketers!

I have a very special guest for today’s interview.

He is a successful entrepreneur and one of the most successful SEO guru worldwide. It’s none other than Nathan Gotch from Gotch SEO.

It’s been a pleasure to interview him.

I should mention that:

He is one of the very few SEO experts who inspired me to come up with creative content marketing ideas.

Needless to say:

He has tremendous SEO skills.

[If you follow the given instructions, I can almost guarantee, you will be able to get HUGE success in SEO].

Let’s start with the interview…

Rintu Biswas: You are a well-known SEO guru (one of my favorite). However, please introduce yourself to our new readers (who aren’t fortunate yet to know about you).

Nathan Gotch: My name is Nathan Gotch and I’m the founder of Gotch SEO. Gotch SEO is an SEO training and SEO services company.

Rintu Biswas: What are the 3 key skills a great SEO should have?

Nathan Gotch:

1. Writing

A big piece of SEO is producing content. Whether that’s writing blog posts or writing copy for lead capture pages, you need basic writing skills. Writing is skill, which means anyone can learn how to do it.

In my experience, the best way to improve your writing skills is…. TO WRITE!

I also recommend reading more because you see effective writing with your own eyes. Stack writing and reading more with awesome tools like Grammarly and Hemingway Writer and you’ll be on your way.

2. Sales/Persuasion

Create keyword-targeted pages that push searchers into action (subscribing, submitting a form, purchasing a product, etc) will depend on your ability to persuade them. Sales are nothing more than persuasion.

I recommend studying the works of Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Russell Brunson, and reading the book Cashvertising.

Outside of calls-to-action, you also need to persuade other websites (people) to link to your website. This isn’t easy! That’s why knowing and practising persuasion/studying human behaviour can help.

3. Basic Technical Skills

There is the technical side of SEO that can’t be ignored. It helps to have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Java, but by no means, do you need to be an expert in these to get SEO results.

Pro Tips: I provide SEO training in Kolkata (Best for SEO beginners).

You also need to have a firm understanding of technical elements that impact SEO performance such as redirects, crawling, indexing, site architecture, directives, etc.

4. Bonus: Patience

It’s crazy how many SEOs lack this skill. SEO takes time! You need to be patient.

Play the long game and you’ll beat out most people (since most people are impatient).

Rintu Biswas: Your favorite keyword research tool and why?

Nathan Gotch: Ahrefs is pretty unbeatable in my opinion. Not only is their Keywords Explorer tool super powerful, but you can also extract keywords from your competitors in seconds.

Stack Ahrefs with Answer the Public and you’ll have plenty of keyword ideas.

Rintu Biswas: How to rank commercial pages like service page, product & category page (As link building for these pages is really challenging)? What strategy do you recommend?

Nathan Gotch: Developing a reverse-silo architecture is my go-to approach in these situations.

Here’s what that looks like:

SEO Reverse-Silo Image

In short:

You focus on creating content assets around keywords with informational intent. Then you build internal links to your product or service pages.

If executed correctly, link equity will flow from your informational pages to your important product/service pages. This will help these pages rank and will build your site’s authority in a natural way. Lastly, you focus on acquiring backlinks to your informational content assets because they’re easier to promote.

Rintu Biswas: What’s the future of SEO according to you?

Nathan Gotch: I avoid trying predicting the future because all I can do is control the present (at least in theory).

The only prediction I can make is that SEO will change. You have to be fluid and adaptable.

Most importantly:

Don’t be a one-trick pony. Learn other digital marketing skills and learn some evergreen business skills such as copywriting, persuasion, sales, and relationship building.

Rintu Biswas: Let’s say someone wants to rank a website in 10 locations, what should be the strategy?

Nathan Gotch: I would focus on ranking 1 location before even thinking about the others 🙂

Rintu Biswas: What are the best affiliate marketing techniques according to you?

Nathan Gotch: I like using the 80/20 rule for affiliate websites.

80% of my content is Top of the Funnel (ToFu), informational content. The other 20% will be product reviews, comparisons, or other Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu) transactional content.

Most affiliate websites do the opposite, which makes your website look super spammy.

Focus on education first. Then monetize.

Rintu Biswas: What advice would you like to give who are new to the SEO industry?

Nathan Gotch: Don’t try to learn on your own!

There are so many smart people in this industry who have an incredible amount of experience. Leverage their experience. Joining a structured course like Gotch SEO Academy or paying an SEO consultant for advice can save you years of “testing” and struggling.

Leverage other people’s experience and take action on what you learn. That’s the key to getting SEO results (consistently).

Never stop learning.

If you want to learn actionable SEO tips and strategies, read my SEO blog.

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